Mountain House

by Adirondack Whaling Co.

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The Adirondack Whaling Company relates the rich mythology of a culture of people who struggled for survival in a harsh but beautiful landscape. "Mountain House" is The Company's sophomore effort, an album comprising an uninterrupted auditory journey through an ancient, forgotten land to a withering, crumbling portal to salvation. We invite you to visit our website at to follow along with both the visual and textual album content and join us in this great multi-media adventure.


released March 14, 2016

Jack Lavigne - Vocals, Percussion
Connor Armbruster - Vocals, Violin, Guitar, Percussion
Jeremie Inhaber - Piano, Percussion, Recording, Mixing, Production
Ben Miller - Mastering



all rights reserved


Adirondack Whaling Co. Delmar, New York

A unique freak-folk duo from Troy that creates original music, stories, webcomics, and other artwork.

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Track Name: Emilie
I’m too small for this place
I need my own time I need my own space
I ran myself out of this race
God I feel the landscape slipping away
I can feel the motion of my soul
I can feel it all

Trains were made to take the heat
But the trees are on fire and I'm dying in heat
Everybody's eyes trying to take my seat
But I can't stand to shoot the breeze
I met a girl named Emilie,
she sat with me across the summer sea
Now I can’t stop the trees from dying
Shot by the breeze and so I say

So long, so long

Every object is out of my reach, I’m Tantalus trying to make that breach
I’m dying on a pair of two fast feet, everybody knows I’m dying in heat
I gotta see Emilie, Mama's screaming for me, but I'm shutting out her screams
Tell my mom to stop her crying, just shoot the breeze when I'm gone and I say

So long, so long, so long, so long

How could I have known what you wanted
Should have seen me come in uninvited
Slipped out of my home, lost and hunted
Don’t see colors, no, I just see heartache
Mother brings the match, brings the candles
Sister puts my picture on the mantle
Ghosts and cymbals strike out of order
Children born from dirt can’t be soldiers

Leaves on fire, I'm shooting the breeze
I am on fire, but Mama's on her kneeze
Please take me, oh Emilie, I'm leaving on the breeze
Please take me, I'm leaving for

So long, so long
Track Name: Turn to Flee
Turn to flee, be nice to me, elucidate my deity
Speak in words or otherwise
Which satellite to ears and eyes

Will you devise, in time?

I’ve been holstered by your hand
Like packet seeds spread across the land
Which incision to open wide
What comes out goes inside
This surgery lacks text context
It's a text it's a text it's a text easy

Me the doctor, you the nurse
Hand me tools, from your cosmic purse
Me the patient, you the grail
Me the groom, and you the veil
Track Name: Slipping Under
She-wolf waits for the call
Versus dog versus wind rescue them all
From starving winter’s hand the human lifts us on

A number, somewhere with the money you have lost
Douse it, oh fire made you worth more than you cost
It's just water wasted on the waning moon

Don’t you come to change my wonder
Slipping under mine
Don’t you need to cry at thunder
Slipping under mine

I'm left wanting a reason for your call
Verses, oh, tide wave versus the wall
Depreciate the value of our love
And let me go

Bolting out the house, bolting past the fences
Truth is I'm alone, truth is I'm defenseless
Sheep in my own clothes, truth is I'm defenseless

Mentors caught and pressed on tape
Curses breaking children trying to escape
Just open up the flap and have a laugh
At what’s at stake

Don’t you need to change my wonder
Slipping under mine
Don’t you need to cry at thunder
Slipping under mine
Track Name: Chant Song (Mountain House)
Mountain house on broken stone
Listen low and hear the groans
We are beasts of blood and bone,
Together die but born alone

Mountain house sing out sing loud
Mountain house stand tall stand proud
One day sun will part the clouds
Wait for sun to lift the shroud

We sing the song of the man who ran
Harpooned a babe and starved the land
Instead of facing hell at home
He broke the house and now he roams

We won't starve
Call leviathan in our arms
Fall from ocean in the sky
I scrape the ground and don't ask why
Track Name: Alone
You inside is all I need
From outside lamplight bleeds
Your fingers lift me when I lie
You’re all I need so please don’t hide

You’re so quiet I talk some
You’re not listening so I hum
The contents of this house have blown away
Just you me and the walls are here to stay

I swear we're the only one's home
I swear we're in the house alone
I move closer you stay still
I manufacture time to kill

Stumble down the basement steps (it's a stumble, a little stumble)
Press the lock and make amends
Pull the board games off the shelf (let them tumble, let them tumble)
Smash the clocks and smash yourself (you can tumble, you can tumble)

I thought we’re the only ones home
I thought that we were in this house alone
We’re not moving but the hardwood groans
There’s someone here and you’ve always known

You’ve always known

It's house, it's a-hidden it's a house gone
Can't take it, it's a house gone
I was wrong, and you knew it all along

I was wrong
Track Name: Bird's Lullaby
Mr. Bird steps into the void alone
Wife and baby at home, his face is stone
Curly trees sink deep into the muddy soil
Mr. Bird shuffles past him on his mortal toil

Dreams every night of the same thing
The pines crack and the loved ones sing

Big baby bursting through the noonday clouds
Mountains curve and making sunlight loud
Low moans and groans, where is your mother, child
Long journey before, journey ahead looking wild

Dreams every night of the same thing
The pines crack and the loved ones sing

Summer thunder, sheets of rain
Reflecting radar waves
Wait for the songs of the mother

Dreams every night of the same thing
The pines crack and the loved ones sing